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Welcome to Seagull Journals : A Peer-Reviewed International Multidisciplinary Research

ISSN :  2584-1963 (Approved)
DEC 2023

Seagull Journals : A Peer-Reviewed International Multidisciplinary Research is a monthly, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed refereed online and print open access journal that publishes QUALITY RESEARCH WORKS from different disciplines of knowledge. It is a refereed, indexed and peer-reviewed open access journal publishing monthly from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad), Maharashtra, India. It publishes original research articles promoting research culture across the nation. The journal is multidisciplinary in nature focusing on Language, Literature, Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Humanities. It aims to provide a unique platform for researchers to publish research internationally.

Seagull Journals (SJ-PIMR) : At a Glance

Seagull Journals : A Peer-Reviewed International Multidisciplinary Research publishes scholarly research papers in the field of Education along with multidisciplinary approaches. The research papers published in the journal are of high quality addressing various disciplines of knowledge. The international theme is the prime concern of the journal. The research work published with Seagull Journals seeks to sustain quality for promoting research at the international in a real sense. The acceptance of research papers for online publication by the Editorial Board is objective and quite transparent in sharing constructive views to the researchers to improve research quality. The international readership is engrained to promote research for the betterment of human beings and co-existents. 

Aims and Scope of Seagull Journals :
•Publish high quality research papers for new findings
•Research topics related with international significance
•Promote research culture and enhance equality 
•Collaboration by international researchers are of high concern
•Open access to the world 
•Special issues with innovative topics
•High quality educational research is promoted in any discipline knowledge
•Research methodology is timely updated. 
•High quality research and originality 
•Research from different countries or cultures is taken into consideration.
Case studies, experiential learning, theories in practice, and arguments 
•Originality and international readership is welcome.

Submission of manuscripts to the Journal -
Key Features:
•Addressing the research issues through the study of existed literature
•Identifying research problems
•Research design and data analysis
•Study of existing literature
•Acceptance of the original work 
•Literature reviews and analysis of literature 
•Open access 
•No similarity index

Types of publication :
•The manuscripts are reviewed. 
•The Editorial Board follows the standard norms of publication ethics. 
•Special issues for innovative topics
•Peer-review process
•Guide for Authors
•A peer review of research papers processed  through an international panel of researchers
•Members in the Editorial Board are experts in concerned research fields.
•The quality of research is evaluated and judged.
•International topics for an international audience 
•Research review is processed through academic experts.
•Quality content and originality 
•Guide for Authors is separately made.
•Ethical research is promoted.

Publisher with FULL address :
Dr. Pramod Ambadasrao Pawar
Gut No. 145, Plot No. 63-64
Row House No. 2 
Behind Chate School
Alok Nagar, Satara Parisar
Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, (Aurangabad)
PIN. 431005, 
MS, India
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